Group Workplace Services offers our clients comprehensive, integrated real estate services through long-term contracts in regions around the world.  

We work closely with our clients to develop customisable solutions, from initial pilot programs to global outsourcing, by geography or service line. Together, we create delivery models that offer:

    • Integration across services
    • Centralisation
    • Portfolio reporting and analytics
    • Business continuity
    • CRE standards by business unit and asset type
    • Workforce enablement
    • Value creation, cost savings, and budget certainty
    • Transformation
    • Compliance
    • Risk Reduction
    • Innovation

Collaboration is key to developing the best model for each client. We build custom solutions based on many elements, including:

  • Contract and pricing structures
  • Leadership team design (geography and function)
  • Variable, dedicated, and hybrid staffing models
  • Leadership matchups (culture, industry, geography)
  • Supply Chain
  • Back-office call centre and accounting
  • Service level agreements (SLAs) by business unit and asset type
  • Technology and reporting needs