How CBRE Leasing Services Builds Advantage for Occupiers and Investors


Whether searching for the best real estate lease to optimise your business’s potential or, if you are an investor in need of a full suite of real estate leasing services, the professionals at CBRE are equipped to achieve results. The commercial property market has always been dynamic. Today, with more possibilities than ever before for global investment and transnational business growth, the market has shifted towards even greater complexity.

  • Rapidly changing investment opportunities from region to region
  • Global economic and political uncertainties
  • Volatile energy markets
  • Variety of leasing options to leverage, including net, modified gross, or full-service commercial leases
  • New technologies and sophisticated data that have revolutionised the way financial and real estate experts make decisions
  • Evolving expectations for energy usage, sustainability, and workplace environments

A clear, data-based strategy, coupled with the depth of knowledge that is only found from years of experience, is necessary for the successful navigation of modern commercial property transactions. Why pursue a real estate transaction that could become overwhelming or unprofitable in the future when you can secure a commercial lease or real estate investment opportunity that is tailored to your financial objectives?

Our Real Estate Leasing Services

With professional real estate leasing services from an experienced team, it is possible to achieve successful financial outcomes that offer you  long-term advantage. Our commercial property strategies are designed to continue serving our clients’ interests well into the future. CBRE offers  seamless collaboration across geographic borders, facilitating fast transactions along with end-to-end leasing services. Our occupier and investor services include office, industrial, and retail, as well as other specialised sectors.

Services for Commercial Occupiers

Services for Commercial Investors

  • Asset analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Full-service property marketing
  • Comparable transactions overview
  • Development of pricing strategy
  • Development of prospect profile

CBRE is the number one advisory and transactions firm in the world. We know exactly how to guide real estate occupiers and investors in today’s fast-paced, volatile climate. With industry-leading econometric forecasting, advanced market research, and expertise in local, regional and global markets, we are committed to helping our clients implement the best possible strategies.

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