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Consulting leverages deep, sector-specific expertise, the experience gained through thousands of client engagements and unparalleled intelligence and technology to holistically diagnose opportunities across multiple dimensions: experiences, transformational change and operations, location, and cost.

Whether you are building a new integrated strategy, reimagining an existing one, or tackling just one aspect of your real estate ecosystem, our people help you develop innovative solutions to unique, complex and interdependent challenges.


  • Brief | Adaptive Spaces

    How Flex Space Will Thrive in a Hybrid World

    3 Minute Read

    Companies worldwide are grappling with a sea change in the labor force. Employees appear to have a strong desire to retain a significant level of flexibility in.

  • Article | Evolving Workforces

    Using Economic Incentives to Attract Migrating Talent

    July 29, 2021 10 Minute Read

    As companies embrace hybrid and remote work models, discover how state and local governments are incentivizing the migration of companies and workers.

  • Report | Evolving Workforces

    The Next Normal

    August 16, 2021 20 Minute Read

    Adopting a hybrid approach to work can impact everything from organizational policies and occupancy planning to office design, tech investments and more.