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2023 Amended Real Estate Law in Vietnam

Key Points and Market Implications

March 6, 2024 5 Minute Read

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The conclusion of 2023 & the beginning of 2024 marked a pivotal stage for the Vietnamese real estate market. The National Assembly consecutively approved significant laws, including:

01.    Amended Law on Real Estate Business (passed 28 November 2023, effective from 01 January 2025)
02.    Amended Housing Law (passed 27 November 2023, effective from 01 January 2025)
03.    Amended Land Law (passed 18 January 2024, effective from 01 January 2025)
  • These legal frameworks hold immense importance in various aspects, encompassing politics, socio-economics, national defense, security, and environmental sustainability.
  • As the global leader in commercial real estate services and investments, CBRE, in collaboration with DIMAC Law Firm, proudly presents a series of market commentaries.
  • These insightful pieces delve into the implications and impact of these laws on the real estate market.
  • Commencing this series is a comprehensive analysis of the 2023 Amended Real Estate Business Law, shedding light on its far-reaching effects.