The global investment market is changing. With globalisation and increasing levels of interaction across traditional boundaries the modern real estate market has become a complex one. The Valuation & Advisory Services team at CBRE has developed a dedicated expert approach to today's market to help you make the right moves and achieve tangible investment success.

The CBRE Advantage

How do we secure investment success for our valued clients? By positioning ourselves at the forefront of the valuation and advisory market.  
The services we offer:
  • The services of true experts in their field; experts who are up to date on all of the latest happenings on the global market
  • State-of-the-art analytic software, hardware and techniques, all of which are designed to provide insight and understanding of the very highest quality
  • A commitment to quality, both regarding the data we provide , and the way in which we illuminate that data

The Three Core Principals of our Valuation and Advisory Services

  • A commitment to managed and minimised risk, as well as high-quality valuation results
  • A promise to communicate all data to you in a timely and meaningful manner, giving you everything you need to make the right choice for your portfolio
  • Expertise and coverage across Australia and New Zealand, helping you to succeed wherever you find yourself

For more information or to get started with CBRE and our market-leading services, get in touch with our team today.

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