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Vietnam Industrial Market Time For A Critical Makeover

Vietnam is facing its greatest opportunity to become a new manufacturing hub of the world. The industrial property market of Vietnam has become upbeat with a surge in land and factory leasing inquiries from both existing and new players, and industrial developers are actively looking for investment opportunities. 

  • Rents and occupancy of industrial parks in major manufacturing cities and provinces have escalated amid limited industrial land supply. 
  • Manufacturing will continue to shift out of China due to rising costs, trade conflict with the U.S. and manufacturers’ strategy of reducing dependence on a single market, especially after COVID-19. 
  • There are concerns about Vietnam’s capability to absorb this new wave of manufacturing relocation when numerous challenges remain, such as transshipment risk, retaliation risk due to trade imbalances, infrastructure capacity constraints and lack of an original equipment manufacturer ecosystem.​
  • It is time for a critical makeover of Vietnam’s industrial property market to take advantage of the ongoing global supply chain relocation.

Information about the property and its availability are subject to change without notice.