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Quarterly Report


Vietnam’s premier quarterly property publication provides insights critical for evaluating, timing and taking advantage of Vietnam’s diverse property opportunities. The Quarterly Report provides access to CB Richard Ellis’s thought leading analysis, enabling timely and informed business decisions.


Economic Overviews


Overview of economic conditions in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, with an eye towards factors impacting the property market and a review of infrastructure developments.




Concise, detailed analysis of events and trends in the office sector, including rents, vacancy, new supply, demand, and leasing and development activity.




Details of activity in one of the world’s most appealing retail markets, including retail spending, new entrants, rents and leasing and development activity.




Overview of hotel stock, detailed analysis of demand (including occupancy and average daily room rates) at 3-5 star hotels. Discussion of future supply and tourism trends.


Serviced Apartment


Comprehensive overview and analysis of serviced apartment projects by location and grade, including rents, current and future supply, vacancy and supplydemand dynamics.


Residential for Sale


Trends and activity in the condominium and villa sectors, including capital values, future supply, launches and completions, analysed by grade.




Detailed insights into Vietnam’s property investment landscape, including market dynamics, trends and activity.


Construction Costs


Davis Langdon & Seah Vietnam provide a detailed guide to current construction costs and outlook in this fast-moving market, critical to budgeting, fiscal modeling and development planning.


Legal Updates


Baker & McKenzie (Vietnam) Limited provide, in a summary format, a review of the legal and regulatory changes relating to the Vietnam property market and possible implications for the relevant market sectors.




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