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Project Management




Given the often conflicting agendas of the members of a design team, a fully independent and expert project manager is essential. Having someone to pull together all the strands of a real estate fit out project, especially for corporate organisations where stakeholder structures can be elaborate or complicated, is vital.





We put the client first, helping to develop a brief and a project structure, working to establish realistic programmes and budgets, helping you to achieve the internal sign offs which you will need. We manage the process from start to finish, reporting regularly, taking ownership and integrating all of the relevant elements which needs to be pulled together to achieve a successful project. We manage change, oversee projects on site and deal with migration. In all of this, we remain independent and objective, always putting our client’s interests first.




A unique single point of contact in a process which has multiple facets, we represent the discipline of project management and don’t offer it in combination with any other skill which might impact on our impartiality. You have the certainty of knowing your fit out projects will be run smoothly and that effective management and reporting structures will always be in place. We focus on ensuring every aspect of the brief is achieved and regard value for money as being as important as construction standards and design quality.