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Technical Due Diligence



The value of commercial property can be highly sensitive to the presence of building defects, the quality of construction or the condition of the building fabric or services. Undiagnosed defects can have a material impact on the value of investment property and create unexpected liabilities for Landlords where none was thought to exist.




We operate one of the largest and most experienced Technical Due Diligence teams working across Asia, with experience of evaluating everything from a single property to very large single use or mixed use portfolios. The team combines the skills of surveyors, geoenvironmental and building services engineers, costs consultants and specialists in areas such as façade engineering and Health & Safety compliance.


We are familiar with all forms of construction and are experts in the diagnoses of complex building defects. We can respond very quickly, have representation in many different countries and always take a commercial view. Our advice is often used to renegotiate price or, for occupiers, to agree schedules of condition to be attached to leases to limit repairing obligations




Accurate pre-purchase due diligence equips you to negotiate from a position of strength. The responsibility for building deficiencies can be established and reflected in the purchase price; building condition can be addressed in the terms of the transaction. Given the risks of investment in real estate, no significant purchase should be considered without proper Technical Due Diligence. That is our area of expertise.