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Interview: "Sharing on FDI in real estate sector in 2016"

Ms. Duong Thuy Dung, Director of Research and Consulting at CBRE Vietnam, shares in an interview with Info TV about the FDI in the Vietnam’s...

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CBRE: AEC to drive the growth of office and retail markets

According to CBRE Vietnam, the foundation of ASEAN Economic Community will bring positive signal for the regional office and retail markets in...

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Floor rental prices in South Saigon is half of in city's center

According to CBRE Vietnam, office and commercial floor in HCMC's District 7 have cheaper prices than that of in District 1, motivating...

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Office for lease in Hanoi: mass launch products in early this year

According to CBRE Vietnam's report on Hanoi market in Q4-2015, the city's average A-Grade office rental prices increased by 1pct q-o-q,...

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Soft Landing Expected for Hong Kong Property Market

Low Oversupply Risks Prevent Property Price and Investment Volume from Crashing According to CBRE Hong Kong's special...

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Interview: "Flexible office trend blossomed"

Flexible office trend has appeared in Vietnam few years ago, and is now becoming flourished since the end of 2015. Ms. Duong Thuy Dung, Director...

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What to expect in real estate as the AEC era begins

A number of benefits and hurdles face the property sector as the ASEAN Economic Community commences     There’s no...

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Interview: "CBRE: Real estate market supply can't be said to imbalance"

In 2015, the Vietnam property market showed its impressive growth, which satisfies both investors and home buyers. However, the increasing growth...

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Steady macro economy bodes well for property market

Economists said the domestic real estate market is benefiting from stable macroeconomics.   The average consumer price index...

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Foreign investors invest in Vietnam real estate: Big M&A transactions

CBRE Vietnam recently announced the list of Top 8 impressive M&A transactions in Vietnam real estate market in 2015, including: Chow Tai Fook...

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