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As a potential tenant, accurate measurement of your intended office space prior to signing any lease should be your primary concern. Equally, from a Landlord’s perspective, a space that has been under measured will result in loss of income. In an industry that now relies only upon computers and desktop measurement rather than accurate, on site as built dimensions, it pays to take the best advice.




We are very experienced in acting for Landlords as well as Tenants in measuring, negotiating and agreeing correct m2 floor layouts based on your lease terms; whether RICS, Australian or US guidelines. Our team draws together building surveyors using the latest laser rangefinders, and offers you a fully comprehensive review of your space. All this combined with all of the negotiating skills that only an experienced team is able to offer.




A space that is accurately measured on site and found to be incorrect by only 3m2 doesn't sound like much, but multiplied by $25/m2 per month over a 3 year lease it amounts to thousands of dollars. This service is free of charge if there is no discrepancy, and we'll only charge a percentage of what we can save you if there is a variation.