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CBRE is the largest investment property agent in the world. We are able to draw on 10 years of local experience, property research and contacts in Vietnam, and the network of CBRE Vietnam offices in 52 countries worldwide. Our global perspective benefits a wide range of clients – from private local investors to major overseas institutions.

We use our experience and skills in deal-making and delivery to create transparent and ethical investment strategies that ensure our clients maximize their returns.

Teaming our best local staff with our internationally qualified expatriates gives us a depth of understanding of both local issues and international requirements. This enables us to provide our clients with unique and highly refined services in the real estate investment and development arena


  1. Uniquely positioned

Relationship with buyers/investors: CBRE Vietnam, with its multi-national team that will be assembled to work on the disposal, have a close professional relationship with many potential buyers and are able to fully leverage these opportunities. Our unique relationships and knowledge of investors will enable exposure to the maximum number of offers and assist in smooth negotiations and a more than satisfactory result

A transaction partner that can deliver: CBRE Vietnam prides itself on delivering to clients. We have prepared a robust strategy which we believe would be attractive to you and is one that is achievable in the current market. The proof of this is in CBRE’s enviable track record in completing investment and long-lease transactions in Vietnam

  1. Unparalleled service quality

Personal service: Our clients enjoy the personal service of a single point of contact, who has in-depth knowledge of specific property types and who takes full responsibility for the quality, consistency and continuity of services.

Unprecedented speed to market: CBRE uses technology and the Internet to greatly accelerate transaction times, and enable us to quickly deliver financial results to our clients.

Superior market research: CBRE has access to the most comprehensive and insightful market data available. Equipped with the most powerful analytical tools, CBRE can evaluate portfolio risk, anticipate market opportunities and help our clients make the most informed decisions possible

Commitment to confidential: CBRE values clients’ privacy needs. We assure you that all actions we take on your behalf in this and all other Projects will be discreet and confidential.

  1. Our track record

CBRE handles iconic assets in more markets Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi and all the country’s locations with better access to capital, better market intelligence, and the ability to deliver better results for our clients. Our clients are not only domestic but also international entities such as: Kepple Land, Mapletree, Capitaland, Mitsubishi Estate Asia, GAW Capital, Vina Capital, Hyatt, ICC, etc.


  1. Segments

We advise clients on the acquisition and disposal of a wide range of investment land and property opportunities, throughout the key locations in Vietnam. The types of property we handle are listed below:

  1. Land
  2. Offices
  3. Serviced apartments, apartments and condominiums
  4. Warehouses, factories and industrial units
  5. Shophouses
  6. Hotels and resorts
  7. Golf courses
  8. Joint venture transactions


  1. Scope of service  

Our CBRE Property Consultants shall use the best efforts to provide the following services in an efficient, expeditious and professional manner, seeking the most advantageous terms for Client consistent with prevailing market conditions and Client’s needs:

  1. Strategizing and implementing a marketing plan that will achieve the best possible Sale Price
  2. Prepare marketing collaterals including property details, teaser and information memorandum (if applicable) for Client’s review and approval. 
  3. Report in a timely fashion all interest and the nature thereof that may be expressed by third parties in relation to the Transaction.  
  4. To market proactively the project for sale to CBRE’s extensive database of customers and investors, both locally and overseas.
  5. Implement direct mailing and personal canvassing campaigns. 
  6. Market to Prospective Buyers, conducting the necessary presentations/site inspections and negotiations. 
  7. To discuss and advise Client of all offers received for the Sale Shares.  If requested to do so by Client, to initiate and facilitate negotiations with Prospective Purchasers.   
  8. Liaise with the appointed solicitors of Client during negotiations on the sale and purchase agreement, if requested to do so by Client.