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As an occupier, your liability for dilapidations at the end of the lease, or at any time during it may be significant. Equally, from a Landlord’s perspective, a tenant’s failure to look after the property they occupy can damage the value of your asset.




We are very experienced in acting for Landlords as well as Tenants in assessing, costing, negotiating and agreeing dilapidations claims. In an area of complex law and practice which relies upon a detailed knowledge of case law, as well as developed negotiating skills, it pays to take the best advice.

Our team draws together experts in dilapidations with quantity surveyors, building services engineers, and experts in fields such as façade engineering and Health & Safety compliance. This offers you a fully comprehensive review of your dilapidations position combined with all of the negotiating skills that only an experienced team is able to offer.




The successful management of dilapidations claims will save money for occupiers and maintain asset value for Landlords. In an area where risks can sometimes be hard to manage, taking expert advice ensures your position is properly protected and leasehold obligations are effectively managed.