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Defects Diagnosis



For owners, investors or occupiers, building defects represent a significant area of liability. For investors particularly, the concern will be that defects lie outside the tenant’s repairing obligations. For occupiers, the cost of dealing with repairs and any related disruption to the use and occupation of the building will be an important concern and may impact on business continuity or the value of the asset.




Our building surveyors have considerable experience in diagnosing building defects, and developing appropriate and cost effective solutions. Building construction is an evolving science, and technical innovation continues to push at the limits of what materials and components are expected to achieve. In an area where proper technical analysis is vital, we offer the ability to analyse defects in the context of the repairing obligations of leases and also through our Contract Administration team, the capacity to implement appropriate repair or remedial projects.




Our group includes surveyors, engineers and specialists in areas such as environmental risk, sustainability and façade engineering, so that we can assemble a specific team which can quickly address potential building defects and provide a detailed analysis of their significance, and the most appropriate and cost effective remedy.