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Resort property segment sees many optimistic signals in 2014

The real estate market has a strong attachment to the health of the economy. The economy in 2014 is believed to improve slightly and buying house in 2014 will be better than in 2013.


Talking about this, Le Minh Dung, director of CBRE Vietnam, said “According to CBRE, the market is returning to the price level of 6 years ago. This is the most attractive price level within 5 years. I personally believe the real estate market to improve in 2014 despite with slow development. Prices may keep dropping before increasing again. Unlike property markets in Hanoi or HCMC, Quang Ninh or Danang is known as resort property market. There will be good sign from such property markets as Quang Ninh or Danang. In 2014, the global economy in general and the economy of developed countries in particular will be improved remarkably after a long time of crisis, as predicted by IMF and Economist Intelligence Unit. This expects to raise the relaxation demand in these countries and support the development of property markets of Quang Ninh or Danang in 2014 and coming years”.


Source: Lao Động