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CBRE Ha Noi Department has price increase

According a report released the property consulting firm CBRE, in 2nd quarter 2014, Hanoi real estate market continued to witness investor selling home inventories with lively sales and marketing activities. Among 16 project launched in this quarter, 10 of them were re-launched from old projects, and the six newly-launched ones supplied about 2,650 apartment units, increasing the total home supply by 70pct year-on-year. About sales, the number of transactions increased steadily with about 2,500 apartment units sold, increasing by 60pct quarter-on-quarter. Though most of transactions happened in low-end and mid-end segments, high-end segment also enjoy high sales thanks to attractive promotion and the return of home-buyers’ confidence. In addition, the fact that banks promote housing loans also help boost transactions. With more accessible loans, home-buyers’ demand is forecast to increase in later half this year.


Source: Cafef