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Professional property management services give benefits and reduce costs for buildings
Interview: "Affordable housing development"
CBRE's expert - Marc Townsend shares his forecast on Vietnam real estate market in 2017
Handico Tower for Lease - CBRE Vietnam
Hai Phong: Potentials of logistics to be awakened
Need no concern about foreigners' house buying impacted to land fund
Viet Nam joined FTA: How will real estate market change ?
Is it the time to worry about property bubble?
Thu Thiem real estate - Much hope, but slowly deployed 
Which is the highly lucrative real estate investment channel?
A talk with CBRE on M&A real estate
Real estate market outlook after the amended real estate laws become effective
2015 - Industrial real estate market has much development outlook
Businesses consider moving their offices to the center
Many investors expand scales to catch FDI
Real estate market in 1.2015 created growth momentum for next quarters
CBRE QR Q1/2015 - Supply source of retail space
Real estate market attracts foreign investors - HCMC Quarterly Report Q1 2015
Hanoi Quarterly Report Q1 2015
HCMC Quarterly Report Q1 2015
Trend of apartments in HCMC
CBRE - Much hope on the second housing market on this year
VINPEARL Premium Phu Quoc
Retail market 2015 - Many new trade center opened
Import tax impacts to Vietnam retail market
Green building – Sustainable real estate development trend
Young people - main subjects of real estate market in 2015
CBRE Quarterly report Q4/2014 – HCMC and Hanoi real estate market
Looking back a successful year of real estate market
CBRE Vietnam Quarterly Report Q4 2014 in HCMC
HCMC Office Q4/2014 - 360º Workplace Strategy?
HCMC Office Q1/2014 - Why one size does not fit all?
CBRE Vietnam - Quarterly Report Q2 2014
CBRE Vietnam 2014 Mid-Year Review: If not now, WHEN?
Workplace Strategy
CBRE Vietnam Retail Real Estate in Vietnam Overview 2014
CBRE Vietnam Office Developer Breakfast Event 2014
CBRE Vietnam - HCMC Quarterly Report Q1 2014
Residential Leasing market – Half year review
CBRE: District 2 – a prime location for luxury real estate development
CBRE Vietnam Office Developer Breakfast Event 2014
CBRE Interview Industrial Market Update 2014
CBRE Vietnam Overcoming Challenges in an Emerging Market
CBRE-Vietnam Retail Real Estate Industry Overview
CBRE Vietnam Quarterly Report Q3 2013 in HCMC
CBRE-Interview Real Estate Market Update 2013
CBRE-Interview Condominium Market Update 2013
Service apartment: Rental demand focusing on suburb
Apartment segment in Ho Chi Minh city recovering
Real estate news
The recovery of the real estate market
Macroeconomic and real estate market
Global Retail Trends in Real Estare - Focus on South East Asia
CBRE Vietnam – 2013 Mid-year Review
Quarterly Report Q2 2013 in HCMC – Part 1
Doanh nghiệp tăng vốn FDI vào KCN – KCX
2013 – FF CBRE HCMC Presentation