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CBRE Vietnam MarketView Q1 2016

Vietnam starts 2016 mediocrely

Vietnam GDP

5.4% y-o-y


7.1% y-o-y

Hanoi GDP

6.9% y-o-y


1.8% y-o-y


*Arrows indicate change from the same period of the previous year.


Macro-economy: FDI into Vietnam reached more than USD4 billion, of which 6% went into real estate, equivalent to 11 newly licensed real projects with USD239.8 million.

Condominium for sale: The condominium market started 2016 with a strong increase in new supply, totaling 7,708 units, mostly from the affordable and mid-end projects. Developers were confident to push prices up to US$2,029 psm and yet, sales momentum remained bullish. Q1 reported an estimated 9,090 sold units, up by 27%. High-end segment witnessed the largest sales volume (41%), followed closely by mid-end (39%).

Second-home property: On the other hand, the second home market continued to grow in coastal cities, especially Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.

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